Frank Rescue Stretcher

Soft and convenient stretcher for both horizontally and vertically lifts which allows to carry or evacuate patients out of critical situations where there normally is no room for traditional stretchers; e. g. up or down ladders, around narrow corners or out of containers/tanks.

The stretcher has sewed in wooden splints for stabilizing patient’s back, 8 handles and towing ring for vertical lifting. The stretcher can also be stabilized with lift bars (optionally).
A thermo-bag with zipper and a mattress helps to minimize heat loss and belts help to keep the patient stable on the stretcher. Frank Rescue stretcher is delivered with a test certificate from Det Norske Veritas and multilingual user instruction. Lifting slings for horizontal lifting and lift bars are not included.

Colour: Red
Size packed in bag: L: 210 cm, W: 30 cm
Size opened: L: 198 cm, W: 56 cm
Weight: 9 kg

Art.no: 023533 Frank Rescue Stretcher
Art.no: 025602 Lifting slings
Art.no: 023513 Liftbars


Hartwell Combicarrier II

The CombiCarrier II may be used as a scoop stretcher or a full backboard. Auto-Lock Latch System and simple, intuitive design minimizes training.
Recessed side latch is positioned away from patient. Can be easily seperated at either end. Eliminates unnecessary movement making it ideal for patients with suspected hip,
pelvic, and spinal injuries. Foam filling makes it ideal for water rescue.

Colour: Green
Size: L: 187 cm, W: 42 cm, D: 5,6 cm
Weight: 7 kg
Load capacity: 205 kg
X-ray compatible

Art.no: 023547

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Backboard B-BAK

The stretcher is made of a very durable PE material and is light in weight. It has 5 handles on each side and 2 on the head end. The handles are non-skid and work well with gloves. The stretcher can be used with all kinds of safety belts. It can be used with several types of head immobilisers. It is mainly used in hospitals, at sports events, in ambulances for carrying patients and wounded persons. Ideal for use in the most inaccessible of areas.

Colour: Yellow
Size: H: 184 cm, W: 40,5 cm, D: 4,5 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Load capacity: 180 kg
X-ray compatible

Art.no: 023060 Snøgg Backboard
Art.no: 025578 Spider Straps