Art. nr.: 23533

Frank Rescue Stretcher

Soft and convenient stretcher for both horizontally and vertically lifts which allows to carry or evacuate patients out of critical situations where there normally is no room for traditional stretchers; e. g. up or down ladders, around narrow corners or out of containers/tanks.

The stretcher has sewed in wooden splints for stabilizing patient’s back, 8 handles and towing ring for vertical lifting. The stretcher can also be stabilized with lift bars (optionally).
A thermo-bag with zipper and a mattress helps to minimize heat loss and belts help to keep the patient stable on the stretcher. Frank Rescue stretcher is delivered with a test certificate from Det Norske Veritas and multilingual user instruction. Lifting slings for horizontal lifting and lift bars are not included.

Colour: Red
Size packed in bag: L: 210 cm, W: 30 cm
Size opened: L: 198 cm, W: 56 cm
Weight: 9 kg