Sportstape and fixation bandages

A good sports tape must stabilise joints and ligaments with inhibited flexibility. Preventative taping reduces the risk for injuries on ligaments. sports tape adheres well and is easy to tear in required length.


Sportstape Vitality

Vitality sports tape 3,8 cm x 7,5 m white with zinc oxide glue
Includes a taping guide.

Art.no: 183511


Sportstape 2 PK.

Sports tape 2pc. 3,8 cm x 7,5 m, white with hot-melt glue

Art.no: 183509


Sportstape Snøgg

Snøgg sports tape 3,8 cm x 10 m, with zinc oxide glue

Art.no: 183504


Elastoquick Sport

ElastoQuick Sport is a cross-elastic and cohesive fixation bandage for use on many parts on the body. Used for fixation of compresses and other bandages.
ElastoQuick Sport keeps flexibility of the joints and is easy to tear into required length. It doesn’t stick to skin or hair.

Art.no: 046001 ElastoQuick Sport, 7,5 cm x 450 cm, green
Art.no: 046002 ElastoQuick Sport, 3 cm x 450 cm, white