Art. nr.: 21511

Flexi First Aid Case

H: 20,5 cm, W: 26 cm, D: 9,5 cm

FLEXI first aid case is an easily transportable first aid case that is suitable in places where unforeseen damage can occur. For example, in vehicles or in smaller workplaces. The case is sturdy and the contents cover the minimum requirement for first aid equipment in smaller workplaces. The contents of the kit are packed in a clear and practical plastic pocket. Supplied with wall mount bracket.

• Soft NEXT self-adhesive bandage 6 x 100 cm (2 pcs)
• Antiseptic wipes (5 pcs)
• Bandage Scissors
• Tweezers
• Safety pins (12 pcs)
• Elastic gauze bandage 6cmx4m
• Rescue foil
• Triangular bandage
• First aid dressing 12 cm (2 pcs)
• Gauze dressing 10x10cm 2 pk (3pcs)
• Eyebath (plastic)
• Resuscitation mask
• Elasto Quick Sport 3cm white
• Plaster Comfort Ready 24 pcs
• Plaster Comfort Plus 1m
• Bandage tape 1,25cmx10m/Disp
• Disposable gloves size L, (6 pcs)
• First Aid sticker
• First Aid booklet
• Hydrogel burngel 3,5ml
• Lightstick